Xbox Game Pass for July officially!  Microsoft confirms 12 games

Already today, the American subscription library will be expanded with three more productions, including Polish Cooking Simulator. The title, developed by Big Cheese Studio, was appreciated by fans of the genre.

In early August, Microsoft announced 7 items in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, and the last three items will be available to subscribers starting today. However, that’s not the end of the announcements this month – at the beginning of next week we’ll get to know the next batch of games that will boost subscription in the near future.

Xbox Game Pass with 3 games starting today

We will only be able to play the first indicated production on three platforms, because the tactical RPG with elements of strategy set in the times of ancient Rome and the economic strategy found on Mars has so far only appeared on PC.

What address do you plan to check? Cooking Simulator has ratings at the level of 64%, although the developers can boast of “extremely positive” reviews of the game on Steam (84%). Expedition creators: Rome (80%) could celebrate with a better reception, while Offworld Trading Company scored 78%.

Below are the trailers for the three proposals.

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