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Poland – Wales 0:1 (takes the second half)

New information just came out – show me

Michniewicz is preparing for further changes. On the field there will be, among others, Nikola Zalowski.

Żurkowski is trying to play the game, but so far not much has happened.

Bereszyński is shown a yellow card.

Changes: Żurkowski for Klich and Kamiński for Góralski,

Lewandowski was on his own, but the judges whistled offside. Our captain missed the grid anyway.

Another play in the penalty area of ​​Biao Zervonch. Grabara catches them easily.

It seemed that Grabara could have done more in this case, although it must be admitted that the shot was unpleasant, the ball was dribbling. Well… now you have to make up for the losses.

Gooooool! Unfortunately, Williams hits from distance. Wales is leading 1-0.

Matondo, and thus one of the players recently introduced, has caused some wind. He hit from an acute angle, but Grabara was at the post.

Few changes to the guest crew. Piao Zeroni in the same squad.

We will return to Wroclaw shortly. Hope to finally see the goals.

The end of the first half! There are no targets in Wroclaw yet. The Welshman was playing the game, but our representatives created better chances.

It was boiling at the Wales Gate. However, the series of strikes by the Polish team was prevented.

The end of the first half. poles on the ball. They try to end it with a bang.

Buuuuksa! Our attacker has a chance. He got a set pass from Puchacz, but missed the ball. A real shame…

Góralski tried a long shot. However, this attempt was completely unsuccessful – weak and extremely inaccurate.

Moore is causing us a lot of problems today. He was in the box again, was looking for a friend, but the process stopped.

Jaaaames! Fortunately, he missed. We are very fortunate. It all started with a loss when throwing the ball. This time he didn’t flaunt your dinars.

Error on Buks and the first card. Muriel is punished.

Buksa caught offside.

Now again nervously in Grabara’s crosshairs. Fortunately, Glik is available today.

Lewandowski! Solo action by our captain, crowding across half of the field ends with a shot to the ground. However, the goalkeeper acted fantastically. What a show it was.

Another rapid foray of competitors. James is obstructed, this time by Bednarek.

After Zieliński’s loss, the opponents began to counterattack. Fortunately, Glick blocked Moore’s shot at the last minute.

Lewandowski shouts to his friends. Our captain seems upset that his teammates are not able to keep the ball. The Welsh people are attacking.

Once again, dangerously in the crosshairs of white and red. Grabara explained the situation with a certain fist in the foreground.

Corner kick, hitting the ball in front of the penalty area. There Kleich, in an ideal situation, tried to strike without being accepted. But he was greatly missed.

And answer players Michniewicz. Lewandowski’s shot was topped.

Another Welsh cross. They are looking for Moore in the box. Then Levitt finished the action with a long shot. However, Grabara was in position.

Great job by the Poles! Well-played positional attack. Klich was stationed directly at the head of the Zieliński run. Butrek was close to opening the score of this match.

But Wells is on the ball. The first cross, which Moore finished with a shot in the head, is behind us. There was no greater threat.

The Slovenian referee blows his whistle for the first time. poles from the inside.

Welcome the captains, draw the pages, and get started.

They go out. In a moment, we applaud both countries.

Both representations are already in the tunnel!

We start in 10 minutes. Turns to white and red in the stands.

Here is a list of our competitors.

The cards are already exposed. This is what the white and red composition looks like.

Less than half an hour until the first whistle in Wroclaw.

The Welsh people will not show their biggest stars in Wroclaw because their goal is more important. On Sunday, they will play the final match for promotion to the World Cup. Their opponent will be the winner of today’s match Scotland – Ukraine.

However, in the League of Nations they will compete in Group 4, Division A, where the best European nations play. They will face Wales, Belgium and the Netherlands. The winners from each group will advance to the final tournament.

For the captains of Ceslav Michenović, this will be the first stage of preparations for the World Cup in November. In Qatar, the Poles will play in a group with Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

Time for feelings about the Polish national team. Piao Zironi will start this year’s edition of the tournament with the match in Wroclaw.

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