Henderson says that the skull and bones without exploration of the land and hand-to-hand combat

last september we wrote About unofficial reports by well-known detective Tom Henderson about the game in development skull and bones. today Leaking The video material showing the gameplay of the beta version of the title seems to attest to some of the truthfulness of some of it. It was the most controversial Common About not having any form of fighting on land (Then we directly control our character.) Unfortunately, the leak appears to confirm this.

Henderson in his article today (published on eXputer.comFocus on this aspect. The detective is 100% convinced that w skull and bones:

Henderson later analyzed the leaked film and revealed what he learned from its anonymous sources:

It’s hard to understand who Ubisoft is targeting this game forBecause it looks like he’s only focused on blasting [w powietrze – dop. red.] Other ships are looting. The lack of exploration and fighting on the ground would surely leave many disgusted.

Considering that the market already sea ​​of ​​thieves [które zawiera te elementy – dop. red.]It looks like Ubisoft has to catch up if it wants to offer something that attracts players.

According to Henderson The title will be released no later than April next year on computers and consoles of the current generation.

It is worth noting that employment Twitter skull and bones Today noon the official sneak peak for a few seconds Which indicates that Ubisoft will soon share more details about the game with us.

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