Samsung Galaxy S23 is incredibly boring.  Here’s why

Memories of past years often have to be dealt with Distance: after. As humans, we have a mechanism that effectively blurs out bad feelings and memories, thus highlighting what is good. However, it is impossible not to notice that a few years ago, the new models of the Korean manufacturer were quite interesting Huge feelings.

This was incomparable with what we feel today. You don’t even have to go back to the first models of the Galaxy family. Just enough to remember Major S3or later, highly rated models. It is also among the most remembered Galaxy S6Which became a real revolution for the series.

In addition to the standard model, a version was also launched on the market at that time edge, that is, with a slight tilt of the screen to one side. This perfection has been achieved by Samsung in this case Model S8 from 2017. What is the common denominator between these elements? kind of revolution. The desire to take it in your hands, the knowledge of the material from which it is made and the need to stand out. It was fresh and new but at the same time Stylish and innovative.

For some time now there has been an impression that the new smartphones presented are more of an update to the previous version than doing something new. This is by no means mean Reinvent the wheel. Rather, it is about the desire to surprise consumers and get what they want – especially when no one expects it.

You can, however, a little bit samsung understand in this case. The conservative policy of the Korean manufacturer is partly due to the situation in the world, which, to put it mildly, is not conducive to large business or consumer spending. When there’s a battle to keep the core customer in the game, you’re not necessarily willing to take risks with a flagship phone.

This can often decide whether or not a company should be. a Galaxy S23 We already know a lot. First of all, it will be insanely good and Powerful smartphone. Even in its basic version, it guarantees comfort of use in every area. Moreover, according to the company’s policy, you will receive support for several years.

Even without the “wow” effect. And attract the attention of the whole world, Samsung Galaxy S23 You will have an important task to complete. Of course, it’s about improving the shortcomings of last year’s model. One of the biggest problems with this release was the battery.

The cell used was smaller than the one in the Galaxy S21. It sounds silly, but that’s exactly what he suggested to his clients samsung. It’s supposed to be better now. If only the Koreans delivered as they should in the case of the camera and processor.

While the lenses used wouldn’t be anything terribly revolutionary, their software should be vastly improved. The company has already been able to boast of a lot of work that has been done in it initialization. It is supposed to be better and more effective in dark light, in addition, a number of parameters will be improved that the average user will not pay attention to anyway.

As for the wizards, they will finally be here permanently and for good Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This means that Samsung will be able to boast of the most efficient chipset in the history of Android devices.

Samsung Galaxy S23 It’s not going to be a smartphone your friend at company is going to brag about saying “Look what he can do.” This is mainly because many other devices will be able to achieve similar things. Well, unless someone has a Friday night out for a beer in company Colleagues and Normative Statistics.

Not a leap, but an update. It’s still pretty good as long as the predecessor’s shortcomings have already been improved upon. After all, I miss the times when a new smartphone could be recognized from afar – by the appearance, and not by the model designation on the back of the cover.

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