Deadpool and Wolverine in the teaser.  Tomorrow we will see a new trailer for the film

We end the weekend with a real surprise! Recently, during the Super Bowl, we saw the first trailer for the third installment of the Deadpool movie, and tomorrow we will see the next one!

Ever since Disney acquired Fox, a lot of people have been afraid that Deadpool 3 would be messed up and we would no longer get the tough guy and anti-hero action that we loved in the first two films. As it turned out recently, the promo shown to us during the Super Bowl allowed us to dispel all doubts, proving to the doubters that Disney has the courage and we will get the movie we expect,

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The first trailer showed us Deadpool's point of view, but as we well know the upcoming duo of Deadpool & Wolverine also consists of Logan, hence we need to know his point of view and story. This will happen tomorrow! This information was provided by Hugh Jackman himself, who plays Wolverine.

Patience is not my strong point. Trailer tomorrow. #deadpoolandwolverine

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