Will we experience the shock of the future?  Gattaca reboot is coming
Showtime is preparing to produce the SF series “Gattaca” If the title sounds familiar to you, then it is no coincidence that the project was conceived as a reboot of the movie “Gattaca – Future Shock”.

The series “Gattaca” – what do we know about the project?

The details of the series are not yet known. All we know is that him The story takes place one generation after the events of the film.

The Showtime hit creators will be responsible for the series “homeland” Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. They will also write the screenplay in collaboration with Craig Borten (“Welcome to the club”).

About the movie “Gattaca – Future Shock”

Gataka is directed by Andrew Nichol and stars Ethan Hawke, Jude Law and Uma Thurman.

The action of the picture takes place in the near future. The human race is divided into two classes: the higher and more intelligent, which were created by genetic modification, and the lower, which includes people who were conceived in a traditional way. Vincent Freeman belongs to the second group. Although not the best of preparations, he dreams of space travel. Thanks to deception, he manages to get the list of the crew of the starship “Gattaca”. During the ship’s journey through the sky, he met the attractive upper class Irene Cassini. He notices more and more differences between him and his lover in addition to being accused of killing the head of the space mission.

“Gataka – Future Shock” Despite positive reviews and a really stellar cast, it failed to attract viewers to movie theaters. In America, it debuted a week before Halloween 1997 and took only the fifth position. In total, it grossed $12.5 million in the US, which was a poor achievement (the production budget was $36 million).

The currently proposed series is not the first attempt at a television reboot of the film. In 2009, Gil Grant acted in the series (“NCIS Agents”), which the police wanted to do procedural It takes place in the future world of the movie “gataka”.

Trailer for the movie “Gattaca – Future Shock”

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