orphan. the birth of evilAs the title suggests, this is a prequel to production from 2009. In the plot, we get to know the main character two years before the events of the first part, and also – which produces more than the subtitle kill the first – Take an insight into the first murders you committed. The creators do not intend to hide the main original convolution orphans. From the very beginning, we receive information about who the title girl really is, so the new story begins without secrets. In light of revealing the main truth, is the movie able to surprise you at first? Well, yes, but in the end it is not very satisfying.

The biggest problem with the new production is its uneven structure and therefore a very bad first impression. The first half of the movie is full of absurdities that are really hard to look at. Heroes act in a ridiculous way – their actions are meaningless. It caught my attention a few times when I saw what they were doing, how they related to each other in a given situation, or how they reacted in subsequent twists. However, it turns out that we are almost in the middle of the film, making up for it, because the plot takes a completely dynamic turn that was impossible to predict. The second part of the movie is completely different from the first. We’ve got a surprising twist in the plot, meaning that justifies the earlier absurdities (aside from the initial scenes still taking place in Estonia – the stupidity and lack of logic of the local heroes confronting Esther can’t be defended with anything at all).

Given the dual nature of this production, it must be admitted that the main actresses have a lot to play here. It comes first and foremost Julia StylesWho has developed solidly as a character over the course of nearly two hours and is doing really well – especially in the second half. As for Esther’s playing, Isabelle Fuhrmann, I have here the impression of repeating years ago. The actress continues to split the two characters and does it basically the same way she did in the 2009 movie. With time and the actress’s bigger face, it’s impossible to believe Fuhrmann is a teenage girl, even if I don’t know how much CGI was put on her in the most demanding scenes ( Attention, special effects are sometimes painful here…). The other heroes, i.e. Allen (Rusev Sutherland) and Gunnar (Matthew Finlan), they turn on the background and actually disappear somewhere in the light that casts on Fuhrman and Stiles. Unfortunately, the Allen is written so poorly and so incredibly that the character stands out from all – this is the fifth wheel in this production car.

In terms of production, it’s pretty banal – jump scare is the order of the day, and most of the scenes take place under cover of night, which is supposed to scare the viewer as well. In addition, outbursts of blood, violence and aggression often appear on the screen. Fear isn’t built in any particular way – it doesn’t offer something we wouldn’t see in the cinema. The stubborn new movie can also be seen by viewers who haven’t seen the 2009 part (but I don’t recommend it, because after this show, The One won’t surprise you with anything – we’ll get its full development initially from this year’s production). The plot of the reviewed film is quite universal. without reading orphan Do not lose any important facts that may be necessary for the correct receipt of the new version. Sounds like a mediocre popcorn movie – casual and indulgent. This is a good setting for a holiday night. If we turn a blind eye to logical absurdities, cast off expectations and approach this title as a typical unfazed man, the examination may give a kind of satisfaction.

orphan. the birth of evil It is undoubtedly a worse production than its predecessor orphansWhat was surprising was something unclear. So if you want to enter this world, I’d rather refer you to the first part. This year the prequel is trying to introduce something new, but it does it very unevenly. At first she discourages him, and eventually she resembles the previous one anyway (battles, tension building scenes, main character behavior or even ultraviolet light – all of these form a very similar look). The movie saves only the sudden twist mentioned above and the second half that follows, in which something actually happens – from that perspective, you can actually forget about the fatal beginning for a moment. Overall, however, it does not exceed 5/10. To watch, knock on your head and forget.

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