Davos: An important announcement at the summit.  It's about the war in Ukraine

About Russia without Russia – this is what the Davos talks looked like in a nutshell. This is the fourth major meeting of its kind to take place Discussion of the “Formula of Peace”. At the suggestion of the President of Ukraine. In February, it will have been two years since the conflict on our eastern border began.

The summit was attended by discussants from 83 countries. From the mouth of the Swiss Foreign Minister An unexpectedly important announcement has been made. Ignazio Cassis stressed that Russia, as a party to the conflict, should participate in future peace talks.

Peace in Ukraine? “Russia must be involved in this process.”

-We have to find a way To include Russia in this process. He said at the summit that there would be no peace if Russia had nothing to say. These words were fondly reported by Russian media, including the Kremlin-TASS news agency.

Cassis also warned against “perpetually waiting for Russia to do something.” He pointed out that “every minute we wait, dozens of civilians are killed or injured in Ukraine.”

In conversations China did not participateBut the participation of other BRICS members has been noted. Delegations from Brazil, India and South Africa arrived in Switzerland. Ignazio Cassis stressed the importance of their presence. Countries included They are in constant dialogue with Moscowand maintain a certain degree of trust.

Zelensky plan. Assumptions of the “peace formula”

Volodymyr Zelensky proposed in his 10-point plan – Restoring the territorial integrity of the stateThe withdrawal of Russian forces, the release of prisoners of war, ensuring nuclear security and the protection of food and energy supplies.

Previous meetings were held within the framework of the “formula” in Copenhagen, Jeddah and Malta. With every meeting The number of participants in the discussion increases. In Davos, 17 other countries joined the talks.

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