Russia withdrew the submarines.  The empty bay in the photo

The Black Sea Fleet includes six submarines of the Soviet Warszawianka project. The crew of this ship consists of 52 people. In addition to mines and torpedoes, these ships can be equipped with four maneuverable Kalibr missiles, which are suitable for attacking sea or land targets – depending on the version.

Earlier, UNIAN reported that Russia has transferred almost all ships equipped with missile weapons from Sevastopol to the Black Sea.

Ukrainian journalist Roman Simbaluk reports that the new main ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, which will replace the destroyed cruiser Moscow, will be the frigate Admiral Makarov. According to the journalist, this decision was taken by the command of the Black Sea Fleet.

“The command of the Black Sea Fleet has decided to assign a new main ship to replace the missile cruiser in Moscow that was destroyed on April 14. It will be the frigate of project 11356R, Admiral Makarov,” wrote Cymbaluk on Facebook on Friday evening.

The journalist, who was UNIAN’s Moscow correspondent, added that the Black Sea Fleet’s operational group is now working on the basis of this ship.

“The command of the fleet is ready for the fact that Admiral Makarov may repeat the fate of the cruiser Moscow. In this case, the frigate Admiral Essen will take command of the ship,” added Cymbaluk.

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