Brutal brawl in German pool.  It’s another time – O2

The incident occurred on August 14 at the Columbabad swimming pool in the Neukölln district of Berlin. Two women with a stroller wanted to leave the facility through the wrong exit, which was noticed by the security guards. When they directed both ladies where to go, they again went to the wrong exit.

Fight in the pool

After several warnings and requests to comply with the rules, the ladies began arguing with the security guards.

According to the security guards, at one point, one of the women picked up the phone and called. Moments later, several cars pulled up to the pond. Two men immediately got out and assaulted the security guards, according to

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One of the attackers grabbed the security guard while the other beat him. One of the men reportedly threatened a staff member with a glass bottle.

After that, the attackers got into their car and drove off. The security guard called the police. He did not suffer any serious injuries and does not require medical attention.

The police opened an investigation. Witness statements are currently being collected. Officers also want to review the surveillance video.

This is not an isolated case. Since the beginning of summer, there have been dozens of fights and brawls in swimming pools in Germany. It was decided that visitors to the swimming pools would have to show a photo ID and have their bags checked by security.

Bathing resorts continue to stress that with so many outdoor pools and millions of visitors, nothing happens for most of the summer, and incidents in which the police are called are isolated incidents, reports the Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

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