Dave Morissette was fired on Christmas Eve

– Ah…

– A bitter testimony from Dave Morissette about his dismissal on TVA Sports.

– Don’t get me wrong, although the host will be there on Saturday evening after the CH match.

– Morissette was actually fired.

– His contract with TVA Sports, which was still valid for 3 years, forced his employers to keep him once a week after CH matches.

– Still, Morissette is no fool.

– He knew very well that he was fired in disguise.

– He agreed to express the sadness he felt …

“It’s December 20, 2022, and I’m on my last day at work before the holidays. It’s time to do something else, and he told me that my day job is coming to an end.”

– Dave Morissette… tears in my eyes… hard to believe…

“I can’t lie, it was shocking. But at the same time, if it was scary, I was relieved because we felt like we were done with the show.”

“It’s true that it was a security I had, and I wondered if I still had a place in that environment. There’s no such thing as a good time or a bad time, and for me TVA let me down”.

– What a nice jack…

– He protects his boss…

– He refuses to say that we gave him away.

– But the truth is, we really beat him.

“Honestly, I’ve been thinking for two years that maybe it’s time for me to do something else. What I’m most proud of is that my whole gang stayed positive until the end.”

“It’s important to me that everyone I’ve worked with for 10 years, 13 years, is healthy. It’s been 13 years since I’ve done my show on TVA Sports. The first was. Dave Morissette liveAnd it has been for the past two years NHL Postgame.”

“With the advent of all kinds of platforms, we tried to adapt to the new reality in the sports world. We did not succeed.”

“From the beginning, I left the house at 4 p.m., I did my show after the games of the Canadians or other teams, and then I came home at 11:30 p.m. This is my life, my everyday life”.

– This hurts even more because Dave Morissette was a first-round hire by TVA Sports.

– We hired him by overpaying RDS so that the station could outbid him.

– The opposite happened.

“It was still there hardL. It’s the feeling anyone who has worked at one place for a long time feels when they leave. That day I was at the mall shopping for Christmas gifts and I got a lot of calls. Everyone told me not to worry about it.

“I have a contract with TVA Sports for the next three years, and they’ll see me on Saturday evenings after the Canadian Games.”

“I’ll be there during the playoffs (hopefully the Hubs will be there!), but I’m still going from the daily show to the weekly show, so I’ll be focusing on my Saturday show on the radio. .” (He’s now a morning host on Rhythm 105.7, co-hosting with Julie Hull.)

– Without Nancy, his wife and his two boys, Morissette would have been depressed.

“Without Nancy, none of these years would have been possible. She told me to enjoy talking about hockey with my friends while I was going to work.

“There, radio, same thing, it’s fun, Nancy’s the one who holds the fort, she never gives up, she’s solid, brings everybody together.”

“We knew we were going to be together for life, it’s been going on since we were 19 and this year is going to be 33. She’s been good to me, she’s always been there for me.

“She’s not the most outgoing person, but I always need that strength and her energy. During the holidays, she tells me don’t worry, we’re going to be fine. She knows how much pressure I put on myself. Zac wants to go to college and we have everything…

“So when she told me that everything was going to be okay and that there was going to be something else, it reassured me, and even though I was thinking the same thing in my head, I had to listen to it, and I would say that it bonded us. More as a family.”

“These 10 days of summer vacation allowed me to accept that I’m missing my show at TVA Sports. It allowed me to let go and grieve.”

“We spent a family vacation on the island of Bourgrolles in France. It’s two hours from Marseille and it’s very small. We wanted to be together.”

“It impresses me when the days decide to come on holiday with us. Jack doesn’t see his winter friends, he could have stayed with us, and Jeremy could have gone on holiday in Victoria where the weather is nicer, but no, they wanted to come with us. That’s the best reward for me.”

“On our days off, we trained as a family every morning, then we went to get croissants and coffees, and then we decided what we were going to do together. We biked, walked, and even went to the beach.”

We lived in the harbor and watched the ships come in; It was quite simple. I always tell guys that the most important thing is family. If I ever leave, they will be together, always with each other.

When the children left the house, Nance (small nickname he gives to his wife) And I wondered what was going to unite us, and it was still family.

We do things together, of course, we have to renew our couplehood, but the joy of being with our children always brings us together.

“Last year, we did a documentary with my two sons, and again, family vacations were on the show. We were in Portugal and Nancy came to spend time with us.”

– Dave Morissette sends a strong message to TVA sports employees who will have to live with the show’s near-certain death in the summer of 2026, when the NHL broadcast contract expires.

– There is a way to jump elsewhere. But you should always be prepared to have a PLAN B.

– Dave Morissette actually looks like he’s having fun on the radio from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. with Julie Hull.

“I had offers in radio and I wanted to show everyone that I could do something other than sports, so this offer came at the right time.”

“I’ve already done two years of radio with Norman Brathwaite on CKOI and CKAC Sports.”

“Back in the day, at CKOI, I was offered a return gig. I said I was going to devote myself to TV and radio would come later. Life worked out great there: I wanted to work on Rhythm because it was still the station we listened to at home.

“Julie Hull is my angel-Katrian. She has a lot of experience (she animates).A hen with golden eggs with Sebastien Benoit).

“It’s important to me to work with someone I admire and who I want to be with every morning. I’ve wanted to work with Julie ever since I did a show. Chicken With her, when I replaced Sebastien Benoit. I am mesmerized by the way he acts with everyone.

She is nice and caring and so is everyone. I have seen her for 20 years hello hello In real time or in the studio, everyone loves it. The first time we sat in the studio together, it clicked right away. She impresses me and she has all my respect.

“I wanted to be in charge of a show, that’s what I wanted to do for a long time. This summer, I got the chance to interview for Sucre Sale. It’s a lovely role, I welcome guests to our home and it’s pure joy. week Recently. So it’s nice to tell everyone that I can do something else, but also to show it.”

“You know me, I like to make people shine, I like to highlight them, and that’s what we’re going to do with our guests. Connecting with listeners is more direct than TV. We influence their daily lives with our mindset. And the things we say.”

“I love the simplicity and authenticity of radio. Julie and I are going to talk about life, people, our lives and their lives and issues and current events.

It’s a challenge that comes at the right time in my life, and even though I’ve wanted to do radio for a long time, I think I’m better off today than I was 10 years ago. or 20 years. But you know me, I don’t take anything for granted, I’m just going to take it one show at a time and have fun.

– Dave Morissette A life lesson for all Quebecers.

– Savage dismissal… He has no grudge against TVA sports directors…

– It’s sad…

– But he used that sadness to spur himself on and jump somewhere else.

– Let’s hope Jean-Charles Lajoie, Renaud Lavoie, Félix Séguin, Patrick Lalime, Élizabeth Rancourt and all the rest of the TVA Sports staff have taken notes.

– TVA Sports is not an end to being a journalist or an anchor.

– They must be completely prepared to fall elsewhere.

– Dave Morissette blazed his own trail.

– His peers should follow in his footsteps.

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