A leader falls for Radio-Canada Quebec

Radio-Canada Quebec’s Saga experienced a new development yesterday. The station, which has ruled a toxic climate for years, loses its director.

In an internal statement, Veronica Lessard announced her resignation on Tuesday. “It was a decision made by mutual agreement with the senior management of Radio-Canada,” he said.

Véronique Lessard made no mention of the turmoil that rocked the station after an investigation சோலைல் An unhealthy work environment conducted last winter. His resignation comes a few days after the publication of articles in Montreal Magazine In it the former staff denounced the leaders’ misconceptions and tactics of dealing with controversies.


ICI Quebec staff welcomed the news. Our sources talk about “one step in the right direction”. “Finally! We can breathe,” an employee told us anonymously.

Former ICI Quebec cameraman Daniel Coulombே, who approached the phone and filed a harassment complaint last fall, wants a real change to happen. ” [Les employés] Deserves minimal respect. They deserve to go back to work with peace of mind. “

The same story with the Workers Union of Radio-Canada (STTRC). “With due respect to MMe Lesart, we truly hope that this change will bring this new leadership to demonstrate the professionalism, resilience and creativity of the people working in Quebec City in a peaceful and healthy work environment, ”said Isabelle Montbed, Secretary-Treasurer. Of STTRC-CSN.

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