[VIDÉO] “Raspberry Time”: Watch the trailer for the final season of the Club Illigo saga

2 of 10 episodese Singer Series Season Raspberry time From April 4 onwards, Club Illigo can be seen more.

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In the new storylines, Francisco (Edison Ruiz) returns to Elizabeth (Sandrin Bisson) in the summer, but we can't say there is a “tension” between them, as we see in the tape-announcement published on Monday morning.

What will happen between Elizabeth (Sandrin Bison) and Francisco (Edison Ruiz) in this final season?

Photo courtesy of ILLICO Club

Speaking of frosty weather, we also see scenes of winter and Christmas Eve in this final season of the Florence Longpré and Suzie Bouchard work.

Director Guillaume Lonergan (Audrey came back, Do you hear me?), who took over from the creator of the work, Philippe Falardo, presents the most beautiful images in the 10 final episodes. We also go back in time to find Elizabeth's husband, John (Anthony Lemke), who died in the first season.

Director Guillaume Lonergan with actor Anthony Lemke during a set visit in Monteregi in June 2023.

Mario Beauregard/Agence QMI

We also shot in Mexico as we explore more of the lives of seasonal workers who are essential to marketing horticulture in Quebec.

As Paul Doucet mentioned to QMI Agency when he visited the set at Montégerie in June 2023, the revelation of “a family secret” will spice up the action.

Elizabeth (Sandrine Bisson) is dreaming because she seems to be bathing in raspberry jam.

Photo courtesy of ILLICO Club

The organic greenhouse project, at a cost of $4 million, is weighing on the family's finances, causing great emotion for the Kanleys, a clan that has yet to materialize.

Fortunately, Elizabeth is able to fend off her brother-in-law Denise (Paul Doucet) against Martha's (Micheline Lanctaud) relentless attacks. His son Junior (Elijah Patrice) is involved in the greenhouse project. Since they're all together, can they finally be together? As for Denise, she will live a love story with Carlos, played by Joel Legendre.

Martha (Michelin Lanctaud) will make life difficult for Elizabeth (Sandrin Bisson).

Mario Beauregard/Agence QMI

Let's remember that Raspberry time, which had its world premiere at the Berlinale series, and later at Series Mania, Sandrine Bisson received a Chemieux for the performance. The team also sought international awards, including Best Miniseries at the 2022 Seoul International Drama Awards and the Riplet d'Or for Best Series at the 2022 Geneva International Film Festival.

Trio Orange produced the series in association with Quebecor Content Raspberry time Available at Club Illigo on 4th April.

The official poster of the 2nd season.

Photo courtesy of ILLICO Club

  • The First season The second can be seen at Club illico while waiting.

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