Dathomera is a dark planet from the Star Wars galaxy.  Here’s everything we know about her

Dathomira is one of the most amazing planets in this series star Wars, thanks to its rich history and ties to the Dark Side of the Force. The site has been featured in several TV shows and video games, but it has yet to be fully exploited in law.

However, there is a possibility that the creators are more willing to hit the planet in their productions. That is why we have prepared a text containing all the most important information about Dathomir.

Dathomera is a planet steeped in the dark side

Image source: StarWars.com

Many planets in the canon star Wars She was subject to force. It is safe to say that Dathomir belongs to this group. This planet is on the dark side, which negatively affects the residents of Dathomir. Even powerful Force users had to protect themselves from going crazy, changing their thoughts, or being tempted by an unimaginable force. The influence of the dark side has made Dathomira one of the most dangerous planets in the entire galaxy.

The planet is ruled by Nightsisters

As you understand, due to the strong influence of the Dark Side of the Force, Dathomir cannot boast of a large population. The exceptions are the Nightsisters, a clan of powerful witches who used the dark side to perform powerful spells. Star Wars: The Clone Wars star Asajj Ventress was born a Nightsister but was sold into slavery to protect her clan.

Dathomir plays a vital role in the Star Wars canon

Dathomera is a dark planet from the Star Wars galaxy.  Here's everything we know about it - Illustration #2

Image source: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Dathomir’s appearance Clone Wars He strengthened his place in the canon star Wars And it continues to play a role in new stories. Darth Maul returned to this planet in Star Wars RebelsIt was revealed that he had set up his base of operations. However, Dathomir has become more popular thanks to the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In this 2019 title, Cal Kestis has traveled to Dathomir in search of an ancient temple. He met the last surviving Knight who grew up on his own after Grievous destroyed her clan. Cale wins her trust after he saves her from the fallen Jedi Taron Malikos, who has turned to the dark side of the Force.

As well as in Legends

until Star Wars Legends Not an official canon, that doesn’t mean Dathomir’s story isn’t worth quoting. The planet first appears in the book Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia Written by Dave Wolverton. Here Han Solo won the planet in the gambling game Sabak, but its inhabitants did not want to accept the presence of a new ruler. Luke Skywalker also appears in the novel. As a Jedi Master, he trained a Dathomir girl named Tenel Ka at the academy located on Yavin 4.

It is possible that the planet Dathomir will play an important role in canon in the near future star Wars. The fan theory may have first appeared in I felt you Shin Hati will actually turn out to be a Knight (vide CBR). Whether this will actually happen, we will find out on August 23, when the series will debut on the platform Disney +.

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