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Viewers familiar with Cronenberg’s work know that when going to the cinema, they should be prepared for the ruthless attack of the director’s imagination. Al-Kindi, fascinated by the body, repeatedly crossed the boundaries on screen that other artists did not even try to get close to. “Mucha”, “Skanerzy”, “Videodrome” or “eXistenZ” are visually disgusting places, but at the same time they remain a wonderful projection of the artist’s mind. In “Future Crimes,” the director makes extensive use of his work by performing autopsies on the bodies of a fallen civilization, demonstrating that there is still room for faith in cinema.

Evolutionary nightmare

The first minutes of a movie can make even the most sensitive viewers decide to leave the cinema. The boy playing on the beach was ordered by his mother not to eat anything he finds among the stones, just a simple care. However, after a while we see the boy eating a plastic trash can, and in the next scene his mother smothers the child with a pillow. Could it get darker after this opening?

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Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen) and Caprice (Lea Seydoux), a pair of performers, are at the heart of the story Cronenberg tells. Saul’s body is capable of producing internal organs, previously unknown, which Caprice separates from his intestines during general – somewhat illegal – surgeries. However, the scalpels that cut off the body of Saul do not harm him, because humans have become resistant to him in the course of development, and he has been replaced by pleasure.

The great popularity of the artistic couple means the appearance of different personalities in their lives. Among them: bureaucrats unhealthily impressed by surgical performances (Kristen Stewart and Don McKellar, who are totally annoying), a plastic surgeon who wanted to persuade Saul to participate in an “inner beauty pageant” (Yorgos Perbasopoulos) and finally, the father of the child murdered at the beginning of the movie (Scott Speedman). The latter urges Saul and Caprice to perform a public autopsy on their son to show the whole world that in addition to taking pain away from people, evolution has provided people with entirely new possibilities.

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