Anna Deriszowska showed how a partner takes care of his child.  Did you come out funny?  "When you ask the old..."

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Anna Deriszowska In November, she gave birth to a third child child. Recently, by chance, I revealed the gender and name of a newborn, Now she showed behind the scenes baby care. The actress asked her partner to replace her when guarding her son, and then shared a funny photo with netizens.

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Anna Deriszowska in a wedding dress

Anna Dereszowska’s partner takes care of the child. The actress is having fun, showed the picture

It turns out the little guy is staring at the actress, and the sight of his mother’s face is clearly soothing to him. partner DerezovskySo J came up with a smart and convenient way to tame the baby – he attached a large photo of the actress in a wheelchair. The actress commented on Instagram about the behavior of her chosen one.

When you ask the old man to take care of the child, we read.

The observers of her novel were not indifferent to the entry of Deriszowska. Netizens were delighted with the joke of the actress’s partner. Below the entry we will find comments from entertaining fans of the artist.

The creative young man has nothing to choose, applause for the idea.

A genius in itself. Bravo for the invention!

Guys have ideas! Oh well. Everyone copes in their own way – we read under the photo.

Anna Deriszowska explained how the partner takes care of the child. Who is the chosen actress?

Anna Deriszowska For several years she was associated with Daniel Dunyak. The couple has two children, and the actress is also raising their daughter Lena from a previous relationship. The current lover of the artist is a photographer.

Did you enjoy the idea of ​​Anna Deriszowska’s partner?

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