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Although we can take care of everything we can to keep your flight safe, it does not give us a complete guarantee. Therefore, many drivers do not approve of aggressive and illegal driving. Road hacker pranks are often recorded using video recorders and sent to us.

By using the “Look – Interact” email box, we can take the consequences for people who break the law on the road. See with your own eyes the dangerous situations that occurred on our roads.

Traffic safety on the roads is one of the most important priorities in police activities. Excessive or improper speed, aggressive and reckless driving, and breaking rules are the most common causes of road accidents. The importance of this problem is also noted by more and more drivers who do not approve of aggression, law-breaking and lack of culture.

In order to meet the needs of those who are indifferent to road safety, we have launched a special email box [email protected], where police officers can send a video or photos documenting violations of the law. Traffic policemen analyze such materials and verify legal consequences that can be applied to perpetrators of dangerous and aggressive behavior on the road. In addition, such films and photos can be used as protective materials. If you have seen a violation of the law by another road user in the Opolsky Oblast – tell us!

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