Nowa analiza była możliwa dzięki użyciu technologii Distributed Research using Advanced Computing (DiRAC) w Durham University (fot. NASA)

Simulations carried out with the highest accuracy to date indicated that the moon quickly sped into Earth’s orbit after the planet collided with an object the size of Mars. The results can tell a lot, for example, about the interior of the Silver Globe, the history of Earth and other planets.

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Scientists from NASA, Durham University and other universities have performed the most accurate simulation of the collision yet, which likely led to the formation of the moon 4.5 billion years ago.

According to the most popular theory, the moon formed when the earth collided With a body called a tiga, the size of Mars.

The new analysis was made possible by Distributed Research Using Advanced Computing Technology (DiRAC) at Durham University. Its authors have conducted hundreds of simulations of collisions that occur at different angles, At different speeds of the planets or their masses.

The greater computing power showed, according to the researchers, that previous simulations lacked important details of the giant collision path.

According to the new information that appeared in the pages of the “Astrophysical Journal” after the collision The Moon formed almost instantly as a satellite orbiting the Earth. Most previous theories assumed that it formed more slowly than the debris formed during the impact.

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The results also provide new insight into the original moon’s orbital and internal characteristics. They can help clarify the mysteries that still exist.

Now, for example, what is observed can be better explained The tilt of the orbit relative to the equator. They also make it possible to better recreate the early moon, which has not completely melted, which, according to some experts, better explains the shape of its current crust.

The results were obtained simultaneously They say a lot about the Earth itself and indirectly about other planets.

“The more we know about the formation of the Moon, the better we understand the evolution of the Earth. Their stories are closely linked. They can also be reflected in the stories of other planets that changed in similar but also different collisions,” emphasizes Vincent Ecke, co-author of the publication.

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