They cleaned the lithium batteries and rubbed them with an unusual substance!  The effect of the experiment amazed the researchers

Is this the moment when we can declare success, because lithium batteries will be more efficient thanks to a single processing method? clearly. By cleaning the surface of the battery and giving it a rough texture, they scrubbed phosphorous and sulfur powder — thanks to this experiment, they increased the efficiency of lithium batteries by up to 70 percent.

scientists z Rice University, Houston Posted in pages advanced materials Research results on increasing the efficiency of lithium batteries. The experience was that the anode surface of lithium batteries was cleaned to obtain a rough texture.

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next one phosphorous and sulfur powder It was rubbed against the surface, forming a kind of thin film that re-covered the surface of the anode. The anode made in this way and connected to the cathode was tested for efficiency.

Visualization of the experience / source: Rice University Mathematics. press releases

Lithium batteries – how did the phosphorous-sulfur layer help?

The results turned out to be surprising. After 340 charge cycles, lithium batteries retained 70 percent. Larger capacity than normal batteries! In addition, the risk of dendrites appearing on the surface of the anode is minimized.

James Tour, a chemist from the lab where the experiment was conducted:

This would simplify the production of high-capacity batteries and at the same time significantly improve them. Rubbing phosphorous and sulfur powder into the lithium metal anode greatly reduces the formation of dendrites, which can shorten the battery circuit but also accelerate the corrosion of materials.

How exactly does rubbing powder affect battery performance? It turns out that it produces artificial passivation layerThis improves stability during charging and discharging cycles. The metal surface is stable – so it can be safely recharged multiple times.

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Research by Houston scientists confirms the recent discovery that sandblasting certain powders on material surfaces can make them highly waterproof.

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