Mysterious inscriptions on Russian tanks.  'Saboteurs' turn 60 years old - O2

Ukrainians are constantly facing Russian invaders. The regional defense group recently came up with an unusual idea. It was decided to ridicule the Russian soldiers in an unusual way.

The inscriptions “Wolverines”, which means “Rosomaks”, began to appear on destroyed Russian chariots. This is a reference to the 1984 anti-communist movie “Red Dawn”.

They will spray the Wolverines logo on the tanks. This is a reference to the movie

One of the tanks left by the Russians was photographed with unusual markings in the middle of the E40 highway west of Kyiv. It was part of a convoy destroyed by Ukrainian artillery. Inscriptions were also noted on other damaged Russian vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

The graffiti is a homage to the ’80s movie starring Patrick Swayze. In a production of Red Dawn, a group of teenagers fend off the Soviet invasion of the United States.

The Ukrainians formed a civilian combat group. Wolverine patrols cities

But it turns out it’s more than just a reference to the movie. In early March, the leader of the Ukrainian resistance group “Wolverines” in an interview with Jezero informed that the citizens were ready to take part in the operation. Daniel Bilak, a Canadian-born Ukrainian lawyer, claims this is a way for people over the age of 60 to oppose the Russian actions.

The group does not just paint inscriptions on cabinets. Its members patrol the night and try to catch Russian spies.

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