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Crush the new game movies from The Hong Kong Massacre in your chair

Crush the new game movies from The Hong Kong Massacre in your chair

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October 31, 2021, 13:30

author: Patrick, you’ll knock Kobiak

It was the Hong Kong massacre of independent shooters. Its creators, VRESKI studio, are following the blow and are already preparing a new project that looks really cool in the movies shown on Twitter.

heating is a Swedish development studio, created by a team of two, famous for producing hong kong massacre, that is, a juicy bird’s-eye shooter, which is set during the Trinity war in the title city. The creative duo’s latest venture will be an FPS game, with the option to slow down time likely to strongly affect gameplay. Already in March We wrote about the gameBecause the authors are eager to share new material on the web. Since then, new materials have appeared to illustrate the project, the latest of which will appear on Twitter a few days ago.

Interested in the creativity of Studio VRESKA? Check out what their first game looked like:

  1. Oriental-style Rozwaka on the Hong Kong massacre trailer

I must admit that the cut-outs from the production, which are still not known by name, look very impressive. If studio VRESKI really manages to release a game that will impress with such details and destructible graphics, it will probably entertain the developers even more. The video looks really great. As the makers promised themselves, v hong kong massacre Fans couldn’t enjoy the eyes with so many explosions and fireworks, so they want to give it back to them as a habit.

We don’t know much about the Swedish project yetSo all that’s left is to keep fingers crossed for the talented artists and hopefully the game’s title and release date will be announced soon.

  1. VRESKI Official Website
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