Electricity price hike.  How much do we pay to charge a smartphone?  Does the charger itself draw power?

Many smartphone users are wondering about the actual cost of charging the phone? Does it continue to consume electricity after disconnecting it from the charger?

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Electricity price hike from 2022. How much does it cost to charge a smartphone?

increase the prices electricity They are asking more and more people to keep a close eye on their expenditures. As journalists remember spiderweb.plUtility bills are usually illegible and hard to keep track of cost kilowatt-hours of energy. As determined by the portal, 1kWh may cost PLN 0.7576 – including fixed fee and connection maintenance fee.

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Experience has shown that with such an assessment, the iPhone 13 is charged – using a charger for this An apple 5 Watt – is 0.011 PLN per day, 0.34 PLN per month, 4.01 PLN per year. In the case of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, using a Xiaomi 67W charger, it is PLN 0.017 per day, PLN 0.53 per month and PLN 6.21 per year. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy S21, which uses a Samsung 10W charger, is PLN 0.013 per day, PLN 0.40 per month, PLN 4.75 per year.

More information about smartphones can be found on the website Gazeta.pl.

The portal, however, states that it is at the expense of freight Smartphone Of course many factors such as battery capacity, the moment the phone is plugged in, and the level of remaining power are affected.

Does the charger draw power when left in the power source?

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Another question the journalists were looking for an answer related to energy consumption by freighter Smart phone connected to electricity. As determined by spidersweb.pl, the Apple 5W charger and the Samsung 10W charger do not consume power if the smartphone is not connected to them or the power consumption is too low for the wattmeter to register. However, the situation is different in the case of the Xiaomi 67W charger, where the power consumption without a connected smartphone was 0.1 W, which annually costs 0.3 PLN.

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