If you love gambling and love to read, you might also want to read about the allure of gambling, casinos, and the people associated with them. So we have compiled a list of the best books for fans of casinos and we hope you’ll find a suitable book for you as well.

1. The Gambler (Fyodor Dostoevsky)

This novel, which was already published in 1867, deals with the problems of gambling addiction, among other things, which the author Fyodor Dostoevsky knew from his own experience. A heavily indebted Russian general is the main character in this book. He longs for the death of his rich aunt, as he wants to pay off his debts with the inherited money. However, the aunt is not thinking of dying at all, but appears herself in the fictional spa town of Roulettenburg and is instructed in the art of gambling. In the end, the aunt gambles away a large part of her fortune, and several of the general’s love affairs also fail because he keeps gambling away a lot of money.

2. The Formula of Fortune (William Poundstone)

Still mysterious to many newcomers, the Kelly formula is used in the stock market as well as in sports betting and casinos. It is intended to help achieve the greatest possible profit while keeping the risk of total loss low. The formula goes back to the scientist John Larry Kelly Jr. who published it back in 1956. The main goal of the Kelly formula is to determine the optimal bet depending on the total capital available. Therefore, for players who want to build their strategy mathematically, this book is definitely recommended.

3. My Hands on the Way to Poker World Champion: Overnight to Poker Millionaire (Pius Heinz)

In 2011, Pius Heinz became the first German poker player to win the World Championship, making the already popular game even more popular.

Unlike other games of chance, poker is not all about luck, but also involves a lot of skill. Participants in a tournament have to analyze their opponents and make smart decisions while playing. For example, the outcome of a tournament can be determined by being able to pass once in a while, or by being able to carry a bluff through to the end. Pius Heinz’s book analyzes all the hands that the German, who was only 22 at the time, played at the final table of the World Championship in Las Vegas. Both beginners and experienced poker players can learn a lot. The book also has good entertainment value.

4. A Man for All Markets (Edward O. Thorp)

This book is the autobiography of Edward O. Thorp, whose name is familiar to many blackjack fans as well as business connoisseurs. Thorp managed to develop a strategy to beat the bank at blackjack in the 1960s. The mathematician also developed an option pricing formula and managed to beat the financial markets on a sustained basis as a hedge fund manager. For people interested in the mathematical background of gambling and, of course, for investors, “A Man for All Markets” is definitely a useful read.

5. Death at the King’s Club (Carol Davis Luce)

In this story, an unpredictable killer is wreaking havoc at the King’s Club Resort, an exclusive Las Vegas casino. Jay King, the owner of the casino, hires a private investigator to go undercover. She goes by the name of Kasey Atwood and is very familiar with the world of casinos. The casino owner and the investigator become closer, so that the story, in addition to the high suspense factor, also has a romantic touch. As the plot progresses, Kasey Atwood’s life is also at stake.

6. Casino Royale / James Bond Vol. 1 (Ian Fleming)

You probably know the movie that accompanies this book. Nevertheless, it is worth to read Casino Royale as well, because here you can once again intensively deal with the many details of the exciting story.

James Bond has the mission to eliminate the Russian agent with the code name “Le Chiffre”. At the Baccarat, Bond seems to have luck, but a female agent seduces Bond and seems to lead him to his doom. As we all know, however, things turn out well for Bond in the end.

7. Beating the Casinos at their own Game (Peter Svoboda)

This title is unfortunately not yet available in German. However, if you have a reasonably good command of English, you should not miss this book. Peter Svoboda imparts important knowledge about all casino classics. Anyone who wants to learn about the chances of winning at roulette, blackjack, slot machines, baccarat and other casino games will get all the facts they need here. Basic strategies and their chances of success are also scrutinized in the book. As an expert, Peter Svoboda gives valuable advice that players should follow in both land-based casinos and online casinos. Well, after reading this book, you can choose from the list of online casinos https://onlinecasinospot.ca/ that have a high rating and try your luck.


Both gambling in the casino and reading a good book can be very exciting. Nevertheless, the two activities differ significantly, so reading can be a good balance to gaming and vice versa. Non-fiction books on casino games also help to improve one’s game and thus have even more fun in the long run.

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