5 months after her heart attack, Liz Dion appreciates her second chance

When she fell ill on stage last November, Liz Dion could never have imagined she was having a heart attack. Luckily for the comedian, his daughter, who happens to be a nurse, called to interrupt his show. Health professionals, whom she describes as “angels,” quickly attended to her and installed a coronary stent, which ensured her many years of life.

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Bruno Pedrosa / TVA Publications

But what are his symptoms?

“I threw up. I thought it was an anxiety attack, not a heart attack. Symptoms for women are often different from men. For them, shortness of breath is a symptom that should not be ignored. In women, they are often related to the stomach: heartburn, heartburn. You have to be very careful with that. Heart Reading It's hard to tell if it's a heart attack. I knew I had a heart attack during Covid and I didn't even know it. Mostly, women wait too long,” she said in an interview on our pages. On Kiosks from April 4, 2024.

Documentary Liz Dion, 35 years as an accomplice Airs April 8 at 9pm on TVA and TVA+. Let's watch the show Chu came there On all platforms or on DVD. Info: lisedion.com.

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