ACICO Poland showed the results.  “We have strengthened our position in the market”

Group operating profit in the fourth quarter was PLN 463.2 million, and EBITDA was PLN 691.5 million. Analysts surveyed by PAP Biznes estimated the results at PLN 451.9 million and PLN 686.1 million, respectively.

Revenue amounted to PLN 4.56 billion and was 5% higher than the previous year. less than unanimous.

During 2022, the Asseco Poland Group generated PLN 502.7 million in the net profit of the parent company, which means an increase of 7.5 percent. y/o EBITDA increased 20.6 percent. On an annual basis to PLN 2,707.5 million, revenue increased by 19.8 percent. On an annual basis to PLN 17,370.1 million.

Revenue from the Polish part of operations, called by the group: Asseco Poland, (including, among others, parent companies) increased by 10.3 percent. On an annual basis, to PLN 1.738 billion. EBITDA in the segment increased by 5.2%. to 366.6 million Polish zlotys.

The Asseco International segment generated revenues of PLN 4.197 billion, an increase of 15.1% year-on-year. over a year ago. The EBITDA result was 1.8% higher than in the previous year. less and amounted to PLN 596.5 million.

The Israeli segment of Formula Systems generated revenues of PLN 11.464 billion, an increase of 23.2% year-on-year. More than a year ago and PLN 1.749 billion EBITDA, which means an increase of 35.4 percent. every year.

“In 2022, we strengthen our market position in every business sector. In the Asseco Poland sector, we maintain a leading position in the sectors of banking, energy, health care and public administration, where we carry out projects for, among others, the insurance organization, the agency The development and modernization of agriculture, the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Justice (…]We are pleased with the very good results in the formula systems sector, where we recorded a double increase in digital sales and we see development potential in all areas and subsidiaries of the group. We are still looking for companies new and innovative and we are very active in the acquisition business,” Asseco Poland President Adam Gural wrote in a letter to shareholders.

“The engine of growth in the Asseco International segment continues to be the sale of ERP-class solutions concentrated in the Asseco Enterprise Solutions group and the continuous increase in the volume of operations in the field of payments, banking services and customized solutions developed within the Asseco Group Southeast Europe,” he added.

He said the company had no plans to cut employment.

“More clients and new projects mean that Asseco is constantly looking for the best experts who will support our teams and contribute to improving the products and services we offer,” the president wrote.

Asseco Poland order backlog for 2023 is PLN 9.776 billion

The value of the order portfolio for Asseco Poland Group for 2023 at variable exchange rates, in proprietary software and services, is PLN 9.776 billion, the company said in the report. The backlog is in line with the order portfolio value for 2022, which the group recorded in the same period last year.

The application portfolio for 2023 in the Asseco International sector is currently 5 percent. higher and amounts to PLN 1.979 billion.

In the Formula Systems segment, the annual decrease in the order book is up to 5%. It has a value of 6.527 billion Polish zlotys.

The order portfolio for the Asseco Poland segment for 2023 is PLN 1.27 billion, which means an annual increase of 20%.

And at constant exchange rates, at which the backlog for 2023 has been converted, the increase is 1%. to 9.952 billion Polish zlotys.

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Results of the Asseco Poland Group in the fourth quarter of 2022 according to calculations by PAP Biznes, its reference to PAP Biznes consensus and previous results (data in PLN millions)
4Q2022 results cons. difference y/o P / F Since the beginning of the year 2022 y/o
he won 4561.1 4800.0 -5.0% 8.5% 1.4% 17370.1 19.8%
EBITDA 691.5 686.1 0.8% 6.6% 5.0% 2707.5 20.6%
EBIT 463.2 451.9 2.5% 12.6% 9.7% 1815.2 24.8%
Net profit 126.4 125.9 0.4% 19.2% -0.9% 502.7 7.5%
EBITDA margin 15.2% 14.3% 0.87 -0.27 0.52 15.59% 0.10
EBIT margin 10.2% 9.4% 0.74 0.37 0.77 10.45% 0.41
net margin 2.8% 2.6% 0.15 0.25 -0.06 2.89% -0.34

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