ING Bank will be the first bank in Poland to introduce the possibility of logging in with U2F keys

bank for a long time a job About the introduction of this two-factor login mechanism for e-banking:

Everything seems to be working now coming to an end And around Q2/Q3 2023 everything will be ready. The bank answered the non-monetary question in this way:

We plan to introduce hardware security keys as another factor for strong authentication at Moje ING. We do not plan to distribute these keys, but will enable customers to register their own keys for both Moje ING in browser and Moje ING mobile. If the customer has a registered and activated dongle, we will ask you to use it at login.

How is it supposed to actually work? Currently, banks support login with login/password and as a second factor a more secure SMS or confirmation is offered in the banking app. The new functionality in ING will enable a U2F hardware key to be used as a second login agent (curiosity – there are also U2F software keys).

You enter your login and password, then press the key, which must be put into the USB port (in the case of the phone – communication is made using NFC). Moreover – you can use the same key to secure your key in a similar way accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. easy 🙂

The U2F key is one of the best (but at the same time one of the most expensive) methods of protection against phishing, which consists in intercepting the victim’s credentials.

At the same time, it should be remembered that the key is not used to authorize the transaction (perhaps the mechanics will not change here), but to authenticate (or more popularly: login).

~ Michael Sadek

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