Film producer explains why Thomas Karolak jumps out of the fridge: ‘It’s all over the place, because people want it’

Dorota Rakoska Comica He is one of Poland’s most respected film and television producers. For many years, she was associated with TVN, where she worked on the series “Kasia i Tomek”, “Diagnoza”, “Druga Szansa” or “Tajemnica Zawodowa”. Eduard Miszak even called her the “Queen of the Polish series” during one of the programs of TVN.

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Dorota Rakowska-Kośmicka spoke in an interview with Pudelek about working on the set of the station’s latest production. woman Unveil a recipe for a successful series and a list of stars that will always charm viewers in front of TV sets.

Thomas Karolak is everywhere because people want him. WithThe most famous of them are Piotr Adamczyk, Tomasz Karolak, Borys Szyc, Szymek Bobrowski and Magda Cielecka. Golka Winyawa, Jacob Jerza. These names indicate the truth, and the viewer follows the truth.

For several years, it has made actors and their agents aware of the importance of social media. The producer admitted that the stations willingly share with the stars of large bands in the network. According to the writer, TikTok is a must-have app for actors to promote their projects on it.

The station expects project performance. It’s tough, it wants domains, fan clubs, it wants to sell ads. Today, when choosing a series, everything is important. I explain this to actors who play prominent roles in theaters. They don’t have an Instagram profile, unfortunately this is an industry where we have to use the tools given to us. Today I have a tiktok and half of my acting siblings don’t know what it is. The lack of this awareness today is called proxy error.

Nutritionists are ruining celebrity advice, and Widya Cubanya ruining her career

What do you take to the truth bring the truth? People want to watch them? Hiszka

Impossible… you can’t look at him anymore

She is everywhere because people want her,,,, How do you relate to Majduna, which people don’t want and she is also everywhere?

Doris, wake up…

4 hours ago

Hello, hello, this is from earth to tvn: I do not know where and by whom you are conducting this search, but they deceived you! Nobody wants charcoal or coward. And this sentence: “The promise revealed a recipe for a successful series and a list of stars who will always attract viewers in front of the television.” The habit of laughing in the room… All these series are bad, one worse than the other, you can’t watch them!

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The most important comments lie! We love Karolack

Dear Madam, these names are on the contrary.. they do not give the truth.. they overeat and people really don’t want them.. because they are followed only by scandals.. and some stupid statements.

This lady messed up a bit. Did TikTok and Insta Upgrade Adamczyk and Szyc? Wieniawa has made a neck on the family, not on Instagram. He vaccinates the series with celebrities and says he’s okay? Stu Wardęga, Blowek, Friz and a few others are more popular than all actresses and actors. so what ??? Maybe they should jump out of the fridge instead of the Karolack?

what truth? What do you care about? Of course, when an actor is likable, she is willingly watched, but this lady has not provided any data (such as public opinion polls) on which to base her theories.

Who wants it? Who asked about it? These are Warsaw guesses, not facts.

I don’t know where I got such news – a lot of it is not healthy

Karolack is fine. But compare Vienna to Gersal? It’s a shame. G class and W marketing product

Yes sure. Copernicus was born in Moscow!

People want to watch Karolack? A little pity for TV viewers!

Gerza has been dating French actress Esther Jarrel for several years. Pudelek hasn’t found this information yet?

Dear Madam – I don’t want to see Karolak, is that right

Only Kuba Gierszał does not jump out of the refrigerator and is very talented. He also plays abroad in German-language films

The Poles for a few more days and the tragedy of Ukraine will become our daily life, and we will take care of our own. It cannot be so. There people die, children with cancer are given medicines in the basement !!! Pregnant women, women in labour, in the puerperium, the elderly suffer and cry…Imagine yourself, your children and your mothers in their place. You have to protest and help scream to the whole world and don’t drink… about celebrities. This is not the time for nonsense when the innocent suffer. Glory to the defenders of Ukraine because in fact they are also fighting for us!

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