Cooking Dream: Grandma gets a terrible cake for her granddaughter’s first birthday

A Tennessee grandmother who ordered a fairy-tale cake for her granddaughter’s first birthday took to TikTok for a four-story nightmare after paying more than $200.

“This is the worst cake I have ever seen in my life. When I said I was very upset by the result, she said, “I’ll admit it was harder than I thought,” grandma Chrissy Jo said in a video that has been viewed more than 5.7 million times, The Mirror reported on Monday.

Two weeks ago, the Tennessee woman ordered a four-tiered cake sprinkled with sugar flowers and mushrooms to create a fairy house for her granddaughter’s first party, inspired by a photo she found online, the grandmother explained on stage.

However, two days before the reception, she contacted the pastry chef, who paid more than US$200 for the order to get photos of the product. She was told that the cake was not ready yet.

It’s only during the reception that she realizes her dream cake has turned out to be a nightmare, only to be replaced by a four-tiered, lumpy, cracked mess that vaguely resembles the ‘inspiration’ photo.

Plastic flowers were added to decorate the whole, while one of the layers had barely legible letters large.

“My granddaughter’s first birthday cake was a disaster. I’m very upset and disappointed,” he continued in a second video.

If the pastry chef had refunded her half the amount, many netizens pointed out that the initial price should have been a warning as it was not enough for the quality cake she expected.

«[Mais] As a pastry chef, it’s important to know what you can and can’t do,” one user underlined in the comments.

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