“I didn’t get a court date”: Corneliu blames his lawyers for his latest setbacks

Singer Corneliu will spend at least the weekend in jail for failure to serve justice, despite his lawyers swearing that he is to blame for his recent setbacks.

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“I never got a trial date, my lawyers never gave it to me,” Corneliu Mundeanu said voluntarily in a Montreal courtroom this Friday.

Handcuffed and flanked by a correctional services officer, the singer remained hopeful of being released following his arrest Wednesday evening under an arrest warrant.

This is because the singer was famous for his time Star Academy In 2004, in 2013 and 2016, they were accused of drugging two people without their knowledge. He was due back in court last week, but did not appear. And because his lawyer did not ask him, an arrest warrant was issued.

Investigators from the Sexual Assault Unit later swung into action and were able to trace the accused to Laval.

Court overload

In general, the justice should have decided today whether or not to keep Corneliu in custody. However, his lawyers did not appear in court and the case was overwhelming the judge assigned to the trial. In this case, the judge ordered to adjourn the case till Monday.

“Is there no way to free me in the meantime?” The singer angrily asked to stay in jail for a few more days.

The judge then sent the case to another room, hoping the accused could decide his fate, especially since a lawyer had finally arrived on the scene.

Not encouraging

Although this other judge has time to hear the case, his lawyer asked that everything be adjourned until Tuesday to prepare.

“Am I in custody until then?” said Corneliu with disappointment.

The judge explained to him that he could try to represent himself, but this came with the risk of a lengthy detention pending his trial.

Obviously discouraged, Corneliu finally agreed to the lawyer’s request.

“I guess that’s the best thing,” he blurted out, shaking his head in disapproval.

He will therefore return to court next Tuesday to explain in more detail why he did not appear in court last week. The investigator is also expected to testify.

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