June 9, 2023


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Canadian Army: GI Joe and his purple hair!

Canadian Army: GI Joe and his purple hair!

At first I wondered if it was a photo of Jay du Koil, who never stops rebelling in the media by embracing all the codes of asexual culture (should we say postgender today?).

But no, this is a photo related to an article dedicated to the Canadian military, which in the name of diversity and inclusion – two totem words of our time -, They decided to allow men to wear skirts, paint their nails and have visible tattoos, even on the face, and this, to break down the “formal barriers” attached to gender. Veterans, even the lucky ones, can wear the earrings of their choice and the haircut to their heart’s content.


Tomorrow we may have a commander with silent hair!

Here I can take my critique of the gender ideology that aims to erase the difference between man and woman, masculine and feminine, or explain why Canada is nothing but Wogistan.

However, I will content myself with a reminder.

These initiatives conflict with a fundamental principle: in the military, one wears a uniform.

The peculiarity of the uniform was to erase individual differences as much as possible, both in appearance and in reality, to create an esprit de corps among the soldiers.


In the military, self leads to team. Narcissism doesn’t get a good press. Even tattoos are usually meant to unify the group spirit and not allow everyone to show their inner torments or their aesthetic sensibilities on their skin.

But there has been an awakening revolution.

GI Joe, with his blue hair, fake nails, false eyelashes, skirt and unicorn face tattoo, will be furious at the next battle!

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