COP15: ecomenters and speakers warn against environmental rain

What do McDonald’s Europe’s green logo, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s green speech and a car manufacturer that plants a tree if you buy his car have in common?

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These are three examples of greenwashing (or Green washing) The green appearance is used to mask a dull reality.

Two speakers from the Global Youth Biodiversity Network gave a workshop on identifying “ecological scenarios”.

The McDonald's logo in France is green because it is green.

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The McDonald’s logo in France is green because it is green.

“In France, the McDonald’s logo has been on a green background for years, it’s no longer red here, it’s the epitome of plain greenwashing,” says 25-year-old Julie Safforgate.

“When a company suddenly adorns itself with environmental symbols, beware. »

A major symptom of egohypocrisy is the exaggeration of signs of virtue.

“Sustainable, natural, zero paraben, zero silicone and drawings of plants everywhere, it’s questionable,” says 21-year-old Ambre Bichard.

“A certification label may be created by manufacturers. »

Even the slightest subtle greenwashing can turn into a joke. Swedish car brand Skoda once said: If you buy one of our vehicles, we plant a tree. “Even though the car hasn’t left the factory yet, the CO2 emissions to build it already exceed the carbon capture capacity of a tree,” laughs Ms Bichardt.

Virtuoso Ambient Rain

COP15: Justin Trudeau’s opening address is a prime example of an eco-performance by a politician enlisted by two speakers.

“He’s the cliché of the right guy and his environmental speech is flawless…to make people forget his pro-oil policies!”

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