DUBERGER, Quebec – A man has died after a car crash in the Les Souls area.

The incident occurred at 4:15 p.m., near 2070, at Boulevard Mason. The motorcyclist tried to get out of his yard, but made a false maneuver.

Conflict in Quebec: A motorcyclist loses his life

Photo Agency QMI, Guy Model

Wanting to take the road that required a 90 degree turn, he lost his balance and tried to recover by giving the steering wheel. Captain Eric Abe of the Service de Police de la Ville de Quebec (SPVQ) explains that it was at this point that he collided with the other vehicle that was coming.

The 68-year-old motorcyclist was feeling and breathing when help arrived and he was taken to hospital. However, his condition deteriorated rapidly and he died a few hours later.

Conflict in Quebec: A motorcyclist loses his life

Photo Agency QMI, Guy Model

At 6:45 p.m., Boulevard Mason was closed to traffic from Boulevard Pere-Lleivre. Investigators from the SPVQ and forensic identification units were dispatched to shed light on the circumstances that led to the clash.

More details to come …

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