Singer Lizzo “resigns” in face of lies told about her

US singer Lizzo, who has faced harassment allegations from former dancers for months, announced in an Instagram post that she was “resigning” because of “lies” told about her – though without specifying exactly what she meant.

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“I'm tired of putting up with being dragged through the mud by everyone in my life and on the internet,” Melissa Vivian Jefferson, a 35-year-old African-American artist, wrote Friday. .

“I didn't sign up for this nonsense – I'm resigning,” she wrote in her message, which didn't specify whether she planned to “resign” from the music industry, social media or anything else.

Liso, who is admired by her fans for defending overweight people and self-esteem, is facing a complaint filed last year by former dancers who accuse her of “harassment” and “discrimination”.

The singer attended a fundraising evening for Joe Biden's presidential campaign in New York on Thursday. A lawyer representing the dancers criticized the Democratic Party for the choice, NewsNation media reported.

“All I want to do is make music and make people happy,” Lizzo wrote Friday. “But I'm beginning to believe the world doesn't want me.”

“I'm constantly faced with lies about myself,” and mocked “for my looks.” “My personality is distorted by people who don't know me and insult my name.”

American celebrity Paris Hilton commented on a release: “We love you, Queen” (“Queen”, in French).

Earlier this month, Lizzo wrote in another Instagram post that she was writing her “best pieces of music” and “can't wait” to hear them. “I'm almost ready to be a normal person again… to be outside… to love and trust people,” he added.

The singer with a powerful voice, born in Detroit and raised in Houston, is known for her soul and rap songs in 2019.

Last year, he won Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards, America's music industry's equivalent of the Oscars, for his title track “About Damn Time.”

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