Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have become inseparable

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are spending a lot of time together this summer.

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Lovebirds like to spend a few days vacation in Europe in Los Angeles and spend as much time together as possible before returning to work in the fall.

“They have returned to Los Angeles after a very special stay in Europe. They are having a great time with their kids and friends. They are having a great summer and enjoying being together as much as possible before their work separates them in the fall,” a source told People magazine.

Separately, it was recently revealed that the Lovebirds were looking for a home together in Love Angels.

The couple was actually spotted looking for a $ 65 million home in the Homby Hills neighborhood, and according to TMZ, the property has more than 31,000 square meters of space, including 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

If they have not yet confirmed that they want to go together, they think their friends should not be around for long.

One source said, “They spend all their time together and prioritize their relationship.”

The two stars were previously reunited after their engagement from 2002 to 2004, and sources close to the couple have said that things between Entertainment Tonight are getting more serious.

“Their friends will not be surprised if they go together,” the informant said.

“They spend their spare time together, they prioritize their relationship. J. Lo falls in love easily, and it’s obviously Ben’s affair again. Ben adores a normal guy, J. Low. He has his own life, and he’s not as famous as her. He does not want to be in competition. They support each other. “

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