Comedy!  Ceremony: A District 31 Gala

With Michael Chart and Gilder Roy in the animation of the third gala of Comedyha! Fest, the notes of this series were clear District 31 There should be many. That was the case. Well organized and very entertaining throughout the evening.

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Both actors performed at a comedy show! For the first time. They were very happy to be together on the Capitol stage. And the audience, in a large room, was delighted to see this moment.

Kildare “Daniel Siason” Roy said he initially bought his dress at the market.

“Whose is this?” When asked, slightly surprised, Michael asked “Bruno Cogne” Chart?

“To Eric Solville,” Gildor replied, referring to it as the “Stretch” suit.

“The E Is open, ”said Michael Charett.

“It just ended that way,” said Gilder Roy, bursting into laughter.

As they proved the day before, during the Denise Trolet gala, the two actors had a great bond and talked to each other. You can smell the chemistry. They compared themselves to hot dogs with eggs and bacon, fries and lobster and garlic butter.

Kildare asked his sidekick if he had ever played on the show KM / H.

“This is Michael Barrett, I’m Chartreuse,” he said, adding that he didn’t need to remove his teeth.

Michael Chart and Gilder Roy during the animation of the fourth gala of Comedyha!  Ceremony at the Capitol Theater.

Photo courtesy, Andre-Olivier Lira

Michael Chart and Gilder Roy during the animation of the fourth gala of Comedyha! Ceremony at the Capitol Theater.


PA Mathews, Matthew Duffer, Simon Tellisley, Alex Roy, Liz Diane, Dominic and Martin, Catherine Ethereum and Matthew Sir were the evening guests.

PA Mathod, who came on stage, explained that he and Michael Charrett had lost a killer, in terms of pounds. The comedian then got into a trouble, without much, thankfully, getting into it.

“Sometimes, we’re going to stop talking about it,” he said at the end of his issue. This can be a good idea in terms of entertainment.

We also treated Matthew Duffer and Liz Dion for auditioning for new roles. District 31.

Matt Duff wanted to know everything about the show. “Is Nick Romano SS on the payroll,” he asked two inspired actors.

Simon Telesley noted that we should be back from the show, recalling the famous character of Michael Charrett’s Jean Lou “Hot Dog” Dowell. Hell Radio. He also mentioned his role in the film Nitro2.

“He saw one. And he agreed to play in both,” he said, indicating that Marcel LeBoff played a hired assassin.

“He had to be killed with Hazel collar,” he noted.

On the second evening, Michael Charett once again presented his “food rap” with the flamboyant.

At the beginning of the second part, two animators start a theater number, interrupted by the arrival of Robert LeBeau, who leaves his diamond to offer some advice. A funny number has the problem of cultural allocation.

“You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble,” the director began, who brought in Daniel Brooks, who played a mother and Simon Bouveris, a gay man. Two roles are to be done by Gildor and Michael Charett.

We brought a man in a disabled wheelchair, identical twins, two police officers, and even two dogs to play the other characters. A pretty cute flash.

We wanted to tell you about the final number, but we were not allowed. Too bad, we have to wait for the broadcast of this gala on TV. But, it was on the boat.

Comedyha Kalas! The fest kicks off again, Thursday, at 8pm, in the Capitol, with Renee Simar entertained.

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