June 6, 2023


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Fatal shooting: Alec Baldwin reaches settlement with victim's family

Fatal shooting: Alec Baldwin reaches settlement with victim’s family

American actor Alec Baldwin announced on Wednesday that he has settled with the family of cinematographer Halina Hutchins, who was killed in October 2021 while wielding a revolver while filming the western “Rust,” a dramatic news that shocked Hollywood.

In an Instagram post, the comedian said, “Thank you to everyone who contributed to solving this tragic and painful case.” According to a separate report obtained by AFP, production on the film will resume in January 2023.

The settlement ends civil legal proceedings launched by Ms Hutchins’ family against Alec Baldwin.

The amount of the negotiated agreement, which would later be verified by a judge, was not disclosed.

“I don’t want to blame or point out the culprits (the producers or Mr. Baldwin), the cinematographer’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, was quoted as saying in a press release from the film’s production. “We are all convinced that Halina’s death was a tragic accident.”

Filming is set to resume in January 2023, “with all the main characters,” he said, adding that he will be the executive producer.

On October 21, 2021, the shooting of this western film at a ranch in Santa Fe (New Mexico) turned tragic, Mr. Baldwin fired what was believed to be only dummy bullets, but the projectile wounded 42-year-old Halina Hutchins. .

This shooting accident, in a country where guns are often lost, had a strong impact far beyond US borders. This news led Hollywood studios to rethink the terms and conditions of film production.

Alec Baldwin, 64, who has starred in several action movies, made a name for himself with his comedic portrayal of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

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