Jeanette Reno's daughter gives an update about her cancer

Live on Instagram, Natasha Vatier took a few minutes to come to her shocking announcement last week.

Read more: Jeanette Reno’s daughter announces bad news

Revealing that he has been diagnosed with cervical cancer, he wanted to reassure his fans.

“I wanted to take a few days off after the announcement I made on social media. I do not want to scare anyone. That is not the goal. Rather, it refers to where I was created, at some point in my life, when Wadier starts from the beginning.

“For now, all I know is that I have a cancer that can be removed quickly and easily. It is located, which is level 1. Then, it caught on time. Fake it, big operation, remove it all and we won’t talk about it. Check it out, done! We will not talk about it anymore! ”, He says, hoping to succeed in his fight against the disease.

She admits that she does not want to have surgery, and thinks that it is a “boring” aspect, but convinces herself that she was able to diagnose his cancer quickly by passing the PAP test. To his gynecologist.

Positively, she says she is not afraid of disease, but she does not want to suffer.

He takes a few minutes to thank his followers who have given him a lot of comfort since last week’s announcement.

“A big thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart! Put some, almost no! For all the words of encouragement, beautiful words of love, wave of love!”, He says.

In a slightly funny moment, he explains that when he publishes it, he doesn’t even know about the media coverage it takes.

“I, at times, forget that I am the daughter of Jeanette Reno, you know. I roll my pump, I do my life, my career … Then, I act like … Wine … But in a certain way I have no choice because it is something that is not hidden, ”he honestly states.

Natacha Watier concludes her live broadcast by lovingly thanking her fans, and people like herself are currently coming up with a thought for people who are battling cancer.

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