“code.”  Marvel has given the green light for an R rating
For those who think the age rating affects the quality of a movie, we have good news. The planned comic book spin-off “Blade” will be rated R. This is the second Marvel production for Disney to receive that rating.

‘Blade’ director promises R-rating, but does he really know what kind of movie he’s making?

So far, the only Marvel movie to have a confirmed R rating is “Deadpool 3”. All other Disney productions are rated PG-13, although the studio has occasionally teetered on the verge of “period.”

Is that “code” Will be rated R, Yann Demange, the show’s director, confirmed in an interview with Deadline.

“They gave me an R, which is very important,” he said. – We will have fun because Mahershala is a versatile actor. I’m excited to show the rawness and rawness that allows him to traverse the Earth in this special and unique way. He has dignity and integrity, but there is also a brutality to him that is usually hidden beneath the surface. I want to unleash it and show it on screen.

However, there is a question: Does Yan Demang know what he is talking about?

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Variety recently published a huge article on the current state of Marvel. And what was written there about him “code” It may make some fans of the hero apoplectic.

Remember, the show was first announced by Kevin Feige four years ago. Since then, despite numerous attempts, it has not been possible to agree on a ready-to-shoot version. The project passed through the hands of no fewer than five screenwriters and two directors.

Various reports indicate this In one version, “Blade” was supposed to be a story presented from a woman’s perspective, filled with life lessons, with the title character pushed to the background.

Apparently, Mahershala Ali was ready to leave the rolehe did not like later versions of the script very much.

GettyImages-1353081749.jpg Getty Images © Matt Winkelmeyer

Pictures for “code” They were finally supposed to start this year. Six weeks before the first slap, production stopped. Presumably due to the writers’ strike. However, Variety reports that in light of recent fan backlash towards the MCU, Kevin Feige has thrown the script in the trash and begun working on the show’s plot from scratch. Michael Green, the film’s writer, is responsible for the new script “Logan: Wolverine”.

Feige also decided to cut the budget radically. “Blade” will be made for about $100 millionnot 200 as has been the case with Marvel’s most recent offerings.

Currently premiering “Blida” It is scheduled for 2025.

Briefly about the original “Blade” movie

Waiting for the new one “Blida” We remind you of the episode of “Abbreviations” in which we talked about the film “Blade – the eternal hunter”.

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