Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Racoon was inspired by the classic gangster
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Aug. 19, 2023, 1:50 p.m

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It turns out that Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy was inspired by one of the heroes of Martin Scorsese’s legendary film – Goodfellas. Who is he about?

Credit: Guardians of the Galaxy 3, James Gunn, Marvel Studios, 2023


Since his debut in the MCU, Rocket has become one of the universe’s main heroes. His brash personality and excessive desire to reach for the big guns have won the hearts of many fans around the world. Perhaps the popularity of the spunky raccoon wouldn’t be so impressive were it not for the inspiration drawn by Bradley Cooper, who portrays him.

It turns out that he has been nominated for an Oscar several times As Rocket, the actor modeled himself after the character Tommy DeVito in Martin Scorsese’s hit film Gang boys (via CBR).

Bradley Cooper's Rocket Racoon was inspired by the classic gangster - Illustration #1

Goodfellas, Martin Scorsese, Warner Bros., 1990 / Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, Marvel Studios, 2014.

Gangster Joe Pesci was inspired by real-life mafioso Tommy DeSimone. Although many physical features were changed from her original counterpart, the two men’s temperaments remained the same.

Tommy has always been close to Henry Hill and Jimmy Conway. And although he was known to be very loyal to his friends and family, his hot temper often led to disastrous results (read: several deaths).

It was the same with Rocket. As a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he can get angry very quickly. However, the hero, with all his fiery temper, remained faithful to his loved ones.

it will be Guardians of the Galaxy Also show the massive transformation that the exploding raccoon has undergone. In the first installment, we meet him as a mistrustful worrier who rejects anyone who tries to get close to him. In the “second” the hero softens a little, no longer resorting to violence at every possible opportunity. In the third, last part Guardians However, Rocket’s makeover is the most noticeable, and without Tommy DeVito’s initial roughness, it wouldn’t be as stunning and moving.

If you want to remember the path Rocket has taken since the beginning of its history in the MCU, you can do so through the Disney+ platform. There you will find all previous versions Guardians of the Galaxy And other products in which the hero was present.

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