Wonder Woman 3 - Patty Jenkins on the film's omission and ... false accusations.  Comments by James Jean!

First, The Hollywood Reporter reported the deletion Wonder Woman 3The Wrap then added that the director was supposed to resign and berate the producers, implying they didn’t understand her vision or character, and include a link to Wikipedia with the definition of “character plot.” Patty Jenkins He breaks the silence by specifically returning to social media after six months of inactivity and posting a lengthy statement.

Wonder Woman 3 has been cancelled

Patty Jenkins begins by saying that she is not in the habit of commenting on the private parts of her career, but she does not allow false reports to be published online. The Wrap called the accusations about her behavior an attractive clickbeat and a false story. He explains that none of this is true.

– this is not true. I didn’t leave. I was open to whatever was expected of me. I understood the situation in such a way that at the moment I can do nothing that could move this topic forward. DC is obviously in the process of changing right now and that needs to happen, so I understand they have to make a lot of tough decisions. I don’t want this beautiful adventure with WW to end on something negative. I am so honored and loved that I was able to make these two Wonder Woman movies. He is an extraordinary personality. Living by her values ​​makes you a better person. I wish her and her legacy a wonderful future – with or without me.

Patty Jenkins’ words denying The Wrap Portal’s accusations are backed up by the head of the DCU himself James Gunn. He says his interactions with director Peter Safran were pleasant and professional. On the other hand, the Wrap’s journalists insist that their sources are reliable and tell the true story.

Rogue Squadron – The Movie Alive?

Patty Jenkins also addressed the ongoing Star Wars movie rumors. You confirm that after working for a long time, you have temporarily left the project to continue Wonder Woman 3Because Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Then it required more working time. He adds that he has a new contract with Lucasfilm, and is working on it Rogue Squadron slave-woman. However, this is the development period, so at the moment it is not known if the implementation process will take place. Many different projects do not reach this stage.

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The most powerful characters from the DCU universe

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