Premiere of a film about Miroslav Okonsky (photo)

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Cinema City Kinepolis hosted the premiere of the long-awaited documentary “Okoń – My Story” showcasing the life story of Lech Poznań legend, Miroslav Okoński. After books about “Okoń”, a film has finally been made, which could be a great success not only among the Lechów community.

A film about the legendary footballer Lech Poznań, as well as the player of, among others, Legia Warsaw, Hamburger SV, AEK Atena and the Polish national team was created in the period from September 2021 until the fall of the previous year. The author of the film about Mirosław Okoński entitled “Okoń – My Story” is Piotr Łuczak, journalist from Głos Wielkopolski, responsible for the script and direction. The two-and-a-half-hour documentary was financed by Przemyslaw Erdman, a well-known director in Poznań.


The film's authors detailed Miroslav Okonski's football career, presenting it in a colorful way. About the match “Okoń” and what kind of person he was during his career, among others: his wife, his daughter, teammates on the field, journalists from Poznań and Warsaw, former coaches like, among others, Antoni Piečnicek or people who know Mr. Meric well for years.

The comic strip was produced in Koszalin, Poznań, Warsaw, Hamburg and Athens. Spectacular drone shots showing Poznań, Warsaw or Athens are breathtaking. Piotr Łuczak even reached out to German and Greek journalists in his film, and also talked about “Okoń” with former HSV and AEK players and even with the former president of the Athens club.


The production shows Mirosław Okoński as he really was during the memorable years of his career. The film contains a lot of memorabilia of Okoń himself and his family. The extensive material includes archival photographs, very old videos and, above all, a lot of humor and excellent and colorful statements by Jerzy Lubicki, a businessman from Poznań, who adds color to the film.

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, several hundred guests were invited to Kinopolis for the premiere of a documentary about Miroslav Okonski. The film “Okoń – My Story”, apart from the hero himself, his family and his creators, was watched by former Kolejorz players from the 80s and 90s. Some current players were present, players who played in Bułgarska after 2000, such as Bartosz Ślusarski, Błażej Telichowski and Łukasz Trałka, as well as club presidents Piotr Rutkowski and Karol Klimczak.


It will soon be known when and on what platform the film about Mirosław Okoński will be available to everyone, including Lech Poznań fans. The production, written mainly by Głos Wielkopolski's Piotr Łuczak, is worth recommending to literally everyone, including young fans who don't know much about Mirosław Okoński yet. The film is perfectly produced, full of humor that will surely appeal to young audiences and will present the legend of the Culliars from every possible angle.

Who is Miroslav Okonski? In short: Miroslav Okonski was born on December 8, 1958 in Kostsalyn. He was a graduate of Gwardia Koszalin, then played for Lech Poznań, due to being drafted into the army in Legia Warszawa, then played again for Bułgarska, and later for Hamburger SV and AEK Ateny. “Okoń” won the German Cup abroad with HSV and the Greek Championship with AEK Athens. With Legia Warsaw, he won two National Cups, and with Lech Poznań, he won three Polish Champion titles and two Polish Cups.


The 29-time representative of our country won Lech Poznań's first title in history with a winning goal, which was the Polish Cup, which he won in 1982 after defeating Bogo Szczecin in the final. He achieved his only double in 1984 and was the top scorer in the tournament. Polish League 12 months ago. Mirosław Okoński is a Kolejorz legend, the left-footed player who was in the 11th centenary of Lech Poznań, selected almost two years ago. Yesterday, popular rapper and Lech Poznań fan, Liber, officially released the film's theme song for “Okoń”, which can be seen below.


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