June 8, 2023


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Keanu Reeves gave fantasy gifts for John Wick 4

The New York Times reported on the hideous T-shirts Keanu Reeves gave to stuntmen working on a movie

The New York Times reported on the hideous T-shirts Keanu Reeves gave to the stuntmen working on “John Wick 4.” Photo: PAP/Newscom

In the movie “John Wick 4,” which can be seen in cinemas from Friday, the corpse was strewn thickly. And since there were so many more serial killers that the title character had to kill than those hired to produce the stuntmen, they were each killed multiple times on screen. This is what Keanu Reeves was referring to when he was preparing a gift for the businessmen working on this movie. He gave them T-shirts with numbers indicating how many times one of the stuntmen in the movie had “died”. Some shirts have more than 20 printed on them.

The New York Times reported on the hideous T-shirts Keanu Reeves gave to the stuntmen working on “John Wick 4.” The newspaper stated that a kind of optimal exploitation of human resources was used in filming the film, which was directed by Chad Stahelski. Since most of John Wick’s victims are not only anonymous, but often unrecognizable by face, the creators can afford to use the services of a single stunt man for many scenes.

For example, in the iconic scene of climbing the 222nd staircase leading to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris, 35 stuntmen took part. They attacked the constantly climbing fuse, which had to ascend twice before being pushed down at the end of the first attempt. Action coordinator Jeremy Marinas told us about behind the scenes on this shoot. The director wanted 100 men to fall down the stairs. And he wanted me to make sure that everyone’s reaction was completely different.” By the way, he also praised Reeves. “We all know how difficult it is to climb stairs when we don’t want to. And just think of how high Keanu can shoot while entering.”

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It took seven nights to shoot the scene on the aforementioned staircase. In that one shot, every stuntman was killed four or five times. For most of them, it was another time when they “died” at the hands of John Wick. The performers of this role brilliantly appreciate their dedication. The New York Times wrote: “At the end of filming, Reeves distributed T-shirts to stuntmen with the number of deaths during the film.” T-shirts weren’t the only gifts Reeves gave to the businessmen on the set of the John Wick 4. Earlier it was reported that the stunt four who are part of the so-called “The John Wick Five” actor donated a Rolex watch with an engraved dedication.

The aforementioned scene on the steps of the Sacré-Coeur cathedral was also mentioned in one of the interviews given by the film’s director, Chad Stahelski. It was revealed that Reeves himself performed every stunt while climbing the mountain, and only in the fall scene was he replaced by stunt double, Vincent Bouillon. (PAP life)
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