The war in Ukraine.  Emmanuel Macron warns: War may extend to Moldova

I hope the EU will “quickly give its opinion” to Moldova’s request As for EU membership, which will allow the government in Chisinau to receive a clear answer on this matter in the coming weeks, Emmanuel Macron said.

The politician also warned of the possibility of the war in Ukraine spreading to other neighboring countries that fall into the orbit of Russian influence. – We must protect Moldova’s territorial integrity – – stressed the President of France.

Maya Sandhu came to Paris from BrusselsIn which I spoke earlier on Thursday, among other things, with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Wednesday The President of Moldova addresses the European ParliamentShe called on the European Union countries to support the European aspirations of their country.

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 Moldova, like Ukraine and Georgia, has formally applied for EU membership. The European Commission will now issue an opinion on it, after which the European Council will be able to grant Moldova the status of a candidate country.

Recently There have been a series of incidents in breakaway Transnistria, MoldovaWhich, in the opinion of the Ukrainian military intelligence, were the Kremlin’s provocations, with the aim of dragging Transnistria into the ongoing war. Russia supports Transnistria economically and politically, and also has about 1.5 thousand people there. Soldiers.

Live coverage of events in Ukraine

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