Schultz warns of fighters for Ukraine.  I will not allow escalation

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Zalovsky: I understood Germany at the beginning of the war, and today I don’t understand why they behave this way

After the decision to supply tanks to Ukraine, Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for caution in the debate over additional arms supplies to that country. The SPD politician told Tagesspiegel that he warns against “getting into constant competition and outdoing each other when it comes to weapons systems” regarding current demands for the supply of jet fighters to Ukraine. As he said, he fears “bid competition” on weapons systems.

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There will be no escalation

Olaf Schultz emphasized that “the question of aircraft does not arise at all.” “If another discussion begins immediately after the decision was made in Germany regarding the supply of tanks, it does not look very serious and undermines citizens’ confidence in the state’s decisions,” he said.

After the commitment of Germany and other Western countries to supply tanks to Ukraine, its president said, Volodymyr ZelenskyHe was asked on Wednesday (January 25, 1023) minutes. Around Planes. The German government rejects this.

“As chancellor, I must do everything in my power to prevent Russia’s war with Ukraine from turning into a war war between Russia And NATO, Olaf Scholz confirmed in an interview with the “Tagesspiegel” daily, adding that “there is no such war and such an escalation will not be allowed.”

The chancellor noted that “there is complete agreement in the government on this matter, and the German foreign minister sees it as such.”

On Tuesday, at a meeting of the Council of Europe, German Foreign Minister Analina Berbock called on Western allies to take a common position on Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. As she said then: “We are fighting a war against Russia, not against each other.” German MFA She later referred to her statement, explaining that supporting Ukraine in exercising its right to self-defence does not make Germany a party to the conflict.

At a press conference in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, Chancellor Olaf Scholz tried to explain the situation: “This is a war between Russia and Ukraine. Nothing will change if we provide Ukraine with financial and humanitarian aid or supply it with weapons.”

He added: Germany will do everything possible to prevent an escalation between Russia and NATO: “This is out of the question for us. We will do our best to prevent this from happening.”

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More talks with Putin

In an interview with the Tagesspiegel daily, Olaf Scholz announced that he would continue to try to influence Russian President Vladimir Putin in direct talks. It is necessary for him to decide to withdraw troops from Ukraine and end this terrible and senseless war, which has already cost hundreds. Thousands of lives.”

In previous phone conversations, Putin has consistently made it clear that he wants “to annex parts of the neighboring country by force, which is unacceptable,” Olaf Scholz said.

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“Sometimes it was also about specific issues, such as the exchange of prisoners, the export of grain from Ukraine and the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. But the crucial question is: how will the world get out of this terrible situation? This is the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine, ” Olaf Schultz emphasized.


The article comes from the site Deutsche Welle.

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