Chase, “World Stadiums” goal and a red card.  Evolution in Silesian Stadium

PAP / Zbigniew Meisner / In the photo: Daniel Szczepan and Kakper Chudina

Mateusz Pieczkowski

Up until a certain point, Zagłębie Lubin had everything under control in Friday’s game, but they fell way behind. Ruch Chorzów made up for the deficit with two goals and won the tie (2:2). There is no doubt that the Silesian Stadium was excited by Juliusz Litniowski’s wonderful goal.

Ruch Chorzów advanced to the PKO Ekstraklasa as runner-up in the Fortuna 1.Liga. However, it is very difficult for the Blues to score points at the highest level in the competition. There was a big chance in the previous round, when Jan Woo’s team was on the verge of beating Cracovia, playing with ten men.

Fans can hold their heads high because the newcomer lost the lead three times. At the meeting with the Mujahideen. The hockey score was 4:4 in favor of Kałuża. -We are doing our best to change this so that we maintain a positive result. “We are trying to show how we have to move the match away from our penalty area – said Woś in a press conference before the match against KGHM Zagłębie Lubin (More here).

On Friday, the “Copper” team returned to the Silesian Stadium, occupying a high seventh place. Although Waldemar Fornalek’s team has recently been going through a crisis, the proof of this is one win in seven matches.

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Both teams had something to prove to each other. Zagłębie Lubin looked better from the start of the match. The visitors built moves, played with the ball, and the opponents simply ran. The award came quickly, a few minutes after the starting whistle.

Damian Dabrowski crossed the ball from a corner kick, and Dawid Korminovskiy, who was not marked, put his side ahead with a header. Despite conceding a goal, Roche was consistent. Only Lucas Moneta scored an accurate shot in the first half… from forty metres.

The low temperature in the Silesian Stadium dropped further after the break. Lubin’s side started brightly again, exchanging passes down the left flank. Mateusz Wodojak spotted Kacper Chodyna running, and the latter only had to put his foot down.

We had to wait for the hosts to pick up the pace. Jan Woś’s players were left bloodied after Michał Feliks’ goal. After Miosz Kozak’s cross, the Roach player scored with his shoulder.

Four minutes later, the Silesian stadium fell into a state of true euphoria. It is difficult to be surprised, because it is difficult to describe what Julius Litniowski did. The midfielder shot the ball from outside Zagopi’s penalty area without receiving it. The soccer ball was hit directly into Jasmin Buric’s goal.

The people of Lubin have paid the price for this initiative. It is true that they tried to respond, but even the second yellow card and subsequently the red card due to a mistake by Daniil Szczepan did not help them. The opening score of the eighteenth round of the PKO Ekstraklasa was 2:2.

Roc Chorzo – KGHM Zaglebie Lubin 2:2 (0:1)
0:1 – Dawid Korminovsky 9′
0:1 – Kakbar Chudina 50′
1:2 – Michel Felix 78′
2:2 – Julius Litniowski 82′


Roach Chorzo: Krzysztof Kaminski – Konrad Kasolek, Przemyslaw Tzur, Mateusz Bartolewski – Kasper Michalski (Julius Litniowski 46′), Simon Szymanski, Tomasz Swidrowski, Lukas Moneta (Dominik Stejczyk 62′ – Miloš Kozak (90+1′ Artur Blaszkowski). Daniil Szczyban, Filip Starzyński (67′ Michel Felix)

Zagleby Lubin: Jasmin Buric – Mateusz Grzybek, Bartosz Kopacz, Aleks Laonicak, Luis Mata – Damian Dabrowski, Marko Politanovic (Tomas Makovski 72) – Kasper Chudina, Serhij Bulica (Marek Mroz 76), Mateusz Wodwiak (Tomas Benko 76) – Dawid Korminowski. (90′ Arkadiusz Wozniak)

Yellow cards: Casper Chudina (Zagleby Lubin)

Judge: Patrick Grikevich

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