Hubert Hurkacz-Ugo Humbert in the ATP 500 semi-final in Basel: live score and live coverage

Hubert Hurkacz – Ugo Humbert 6:4, 3:6 5:3 – Continuation of the third set

Hurkacz (ranked 11th ATP) has faced Humbert (ranked 28th ATP) only once in the past. Most importantly, the only match between them, in the 1/8 finals of last year’s tournament on grass courts in Halle, ended with a victory for the Pole 7:6 (7-5), 6:3.

In Basel, the Wrocław native is counting on another victory, which is very important in the context of a possible participation in the ATP Finals (November 12-19). The Swiss event is one of the last events of the current season, and the points scored during it could significantly increase Hurkacz’s chances of playing in Turin.

One break was enough

Both players showed strong performance in their service matches from the beginning. However, the first to come under pressure was the Pole, who had to defend himself against a counterattack when the score was 1:2. His opponent had two chances to break the serve, but Hurkač was able to control the situation and turn the tide in his favour.

Our representative responded to the Frenchman in the best possible way. Already in the next match, he put strong pressure on his opponent, forcing him to make mistakes. One break point was enough for the Wrocław player to take the lead in the first set.

Later in the period, Humbert avoided trouble with his passing, but it was too much to make up for the loss. The Pole, who served well (20/22 points on the first serve), did not allow him to gain the upper hand, and won the first game 6:4.

He did not follow up

The tennis player from Wrocław had a chance to follow suit at the start of the second set, taking a 40:30 lead on Humbert’s serve. However, this time he did not take advantage of the opportunity. The Frenchman defended himself from the break and then settled the matter with a good play.

Unfortunately, on his next serve game, the Pole made too many forehand errors and, at his own request, found himself facing the wall. Humbert was in a comfortable position with two break points, but the first was enough for him to lead 3-1.

Hurkacz could have taken revenge quickly, but in the fifth game he wasted the advantage he had gained. Instead of separating, he lost three games to his opponent in the second set. He had another chance to chase down the Frenchman only when the score was 3:5. However, his opponent got out of trouble again and used the fourth set ball.

Both tennis players felt that one misstep in the deciding match could result in their elimination from the tournament, so they entered the match in a state of intense concentration. The Wroclaw native lost just one point in his first three service matches. Humbert was ineffective, but he also did not allow break points and it was all heading towards a tie-break.

But the scenario changed unexpectedly in the eighth match of the last match. Hurkacz was already 40:15 ahead when his opponent passed and he did not let this opportunity slip away.

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