March 29, 2023


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Facebook is not working.  Iga Świątek found her "guilty" of the failure

Facebook is not working. Iga Świątek found her “guilty” of the failure

Users started reporting outages in social networks on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Most of the notifications are related to the website, and less so from the mobile applications. The best Polish tennis player, Iga Świątek, also decided to tackle the situation.

Iga Świątek jokingly blames the British actress on the shoulders of the biggest social media failure. Adele. “Since Adele has spoiled social media, Pyotr Serzbotovsky, Maciej Riszczuk, Daria Abramovich, here is when we go to training … eh” – schwietik wrote on Twitter.

Why was Adele injured? A few days ago, mysterious billboards with the number “30” appeared in major cities around the world. Adele’s fans immediately picked up the topic, suggesting that it was a preview of the British singer’s new album. Adele released her last album six years ago, in 2015.

Świątek’s entry was already answered by a physiotherapist, Maciej Rysztuk, who wrote that the rest of Świątek’s team was already gone. “What’s for dinner?” asked Daria Abramovich, a psychologist in your schwetty.

Iga Świątek is currently in the USA, preparing for the prestigious WTA Indian Wells. Światek is currently in fourth place in the ranking Women’s Tennis Association.

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