Dolina Pandższiru, broniona przez mudżahedinów z Narodowego Frontu Oporu Afganistanu (NRF), pozostaje jedynym miejscem w Afganistanie, w którym talibowie nie sprawują władzy. Z prowincji napływają doniesienia o chaosie, okrucieństwach talibów i pogarszających się warunkach życia mieszkańców - poinformowała telewizja Al-Dżazira.

The Panjshir Valley, which is defended by the Afghan National Resistance Front Mujahideen, is still the only place in Afghanistan where the Taliban do not exercise power. Al-Jazeera reported that news of the chaos and atrocities committed by the Taliban and the deteriorating living conditions of the population are pouring out from the province.

On August 15, the Taliban captured Kabul and took over almost the entire country – Outside the Northeast Panjshir ValleyFor years in the hands of the Mujahideen. He is currently leading a group of rebels known as the Federal Republic of Germany Ahmed Masoud |, the son of the legendary warrior Ahmed Shah Massoud, was killed in 2001.

The Qatari television station has contacted people who have fled the area. According to their accounts, it is not clear who will win the battle for the valley. They talked too About the atrocities committed by the Taliban.

The district has neither the Internet nor the telephone network – the Taliban shut it down at the end of August. Residents who fled there say most of the area has been in recent weeks The electricity was cut off. The battles had an impact, among other things, on the transport of goods to Panjshir.

We do not know, This is what happens even in the neighboring village He said a former government employee fled the provinces a few days ago. For fear of Taliban retaliation, he did not reveal his identity. The situation may change every hour – added.

Mujahideen claim that thousands of fighters from all over the country have joined the fight against the Taliban. They claim to have been captured 1.5 thousand Taliban fighters. However, this information cannot be confirmed, Al Jazeera concludes.

We do not know where the war and where the peace. We have no idea what our people are going through. For one real piece of information on the Internet, there are a hundred fake pieces – said the former government employee. He added that instability in the valley could lead to mass murder.

According to him, the people of Panjshir have trouble getting even the simplest goods. Stores are out of stock and sugar is scarce. The only sugar shop remained, and it cost $7 a kilo – He said. This is twice the price compared to the rest of the country.

Afghanistan face now Economic crisis and inflation After international authorities cut off Taliban government access to the funds. Al Jazeera warned that the sanctions could deepen the humanitarian crisis in Panjshir.

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