Pirog is terrified.  “What’s wrong with the world” – o2

On Saturday, October 7, Israel was attacked by the Palestinian movement Hamas. The attack began around 6.30 local time (5.30 Polish time).

Towards the city in the south Thousands of missiles were fired at the center of the country. The militants also attacked military facilities on the border with the Gaza Strip, including the city of Sderot.

We are in a war and we will win it. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that our enemy will pay a price he has never known before.

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It must be highlighted that, The numbers of victims and wounded are increasing every hour.

Attack on Israel. Michel Pirog spoke. Emotional words were spoken

Michał Piróg showed his solidarity on social media. The 44-year-old posted photos with the Israeli flag on Instagram.

I stand with Israel. What’s wrong with the world – he wrote under the picture.

Let’s mentionThat Michel Pirog has Jewish roots. However, it turns out that he found out when he was already an adult.

I was of age. My mother’s sister, who lives in France, told me. She thought I had a right to know. I grew up thinking I was Polish and Catholic. I was raised this way for fear of exclusion. Telling kids, “Hey, I’m Jewish” can actually have some unpleasant consequences, he said in an interview with Flesh.

Voice of Internet users

Netizens also commented on the dancer’s entry.

How inhumane it must be to attack another country. We have few wars. Ukraine, Israel Now – Another Internet user added.

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