This is how Putin rewarded them for their participation in the war.  Hair stands on end – O2

The number of citizens of the Russian Federation will be approximately 146.4 million in 2023, the official number provided by the authorities. With such a huge population base, the Russian army is unable to find people willing to fight on the Ukrainian front. Who wants to go to war and come back with a black bag? Perhaps this is the fate that awaits most recruits.

The invasion of its neighbor turned out to be a failure, and Russia actually lost 267,000 soldiers on the front. We need to add more than 150,000 wounded and unfit for service to understand Russians’ fear of joining the army. Financial incentives do not help, and threats and the specter of forced mobilization, which is approaching, do not help.

Few want to serve in Vladimir Putin’s army, Which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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Some people in Russia do not want to die at the front, and this is normal. Others simply do not support aggression To Ukraine, they are not on good terms with the regime of Vladimir Putin. There are others who simply do not believe in the promises of the army, which tempts with gains and gifts, but does not fulfill its promises. This fate befell the peoples of distant Siberia.

As reported by Belsat TV, residents of the distant Russian borders are forced to serve in the army And the bloodshed was paid with free fish. The Chukchi, Itelmen and Aleuts of the Commander Islands, that is, representatives of peoples living mainly by fishing and agriculture, were forced to join the Russian army.

However, their representatives in the army were not rewarded with money, nor did they receive a Lada car. Like some families of Russian soldiers from the European part of the country. The authorities decided that it would be enough to distribute the fish for free to the indigenous population of Kamchatka. After all, small countries won’t defend themselves, and there are 250 families of soldiers in the area.

This is not the first, and perhaps not the last, case when the authorities in Moscow spit on their own citizens And they treat them terribly. Vladimir Putin is not interested in who will join the army and in what condition – we have known that for several months. He, like his generals, does not care how many soldiers die at the front. The war is about to continue. And that’s it.

The view of Moscow and the big cities is that young people are avoiding conscription into the army, fleeing abroad, Or they attack recruitment boards, which has happened several times. Destruction and arson are the norm in Russia today. People demand that the immigrants go to war and that prisoners or people from the East be mobilized. They care a lot about this war.

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